“If you never take a chance, you can never get it wrong...

image1 you better take a chance before it’s gone”. 

These lyrics from the song Chances on their self-titled debut album have become a mantra for the members of Never Come Down.  As Joe Suskind puts it, “I suddenly had all these opportunities- hosting a weekly bluegrass showcase, meeting a publisher who liked my music and finding musicians who were writing, playing, and aligning their lives with their craft like me. We all felt the pull to take a chance on our music and each other. We’re taking a real swing at it.”  Earnest songwriting, dedication to craft, and genuine care for the music is at the forefront of what they do. “We never tell eachother what to play. You can feel when the music is right”. It’s that feeling- that space Never Come Down creates- that has captivated audiences from the onset.